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Cover of Great American Women in Science and Environment

Great American Women in Science and Environment

Why does anyone develop an interest in science? Why should anyone care about saving the environment? Meet some very curious women who had a great interest in science and nature.

Cover of Let's Run Our Schools Together

Let’s Run Our Schools Together

What does it take to run schools today? Can anyone do it and do it well? Who is there to help parents and students along the way? Learn how we can work together to help kids and our future.

Cover of Cats, Cowboys, Clocks, and Chickens

Cats, Cowboys, Clocks, and Chickens

Have you ever heard of a cat being resurrected from a bag, a thoughtful clock, or a cowboy who thinks he is a robber? Enjoy these remembrances in the form of stories, essays, and poems.

My mission

Extensively, I will provide ideas and examples on managing money better, paying for an education, dealing with doctors, and good ideas or deals when it comes to travel. I will also consider science, as it relates to my book “Great American Women in Science and Environment.” Science and the future can be both a good or bad thing, depending on your consumer choices and outlook. And writers can always use tips on how and where to make money. I will do regular blogs on these issues, seeking always to inform in an entertaining manner.

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