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D. J. Mathews has done it all as a freelance writer—taught logic and writing, written for magazines, written online, and published several books. As a cancer survivor, she is interested in health, consumer issues, and public education. She’s gone to the woods for solace and adventure. Her blogs are informative, and her books are available at Booklocker, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. See some more of her writing below, or check out this recent review of her fascinating work, Great American Woman in Science and Environment.

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D. J. Mathews is a prolific writer across many media types. She has written for newspapers, magazines, and websites in addition to her books and blog. Her articles span a breadth of topics from current events, the environment, health, travel, history, and practical ideas. Enjoy some of her best articles here. Hungry for more? Follow her on Medium or buy her books!


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Don’t Call Me G.I. Jane


A Treasure for All Seasons

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Extensively, I will provide ideas and examples on managing money better, paying for an education, dealing with doctors, and good ideas or deals when it comes to travel. I will also consider science, as it relates to my book “Great American Women in Science and Environment.” Science and the future can be both a good or bad thing, depending on your consumer choices and outlook. And writers can always use tips on how and where to make money. I will do regular blogs on these issues, seeking always to inform in an entertaining manner.

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