I have found  very interesting site online if you want to know a bit about what public school teachers are teaching today. At the site, there are resources for the new teacher or someone interested in learning more about what they are doing in the classroom. They have things like different visual aids teachers can put up, or cover topics like building an argument in an essay in middle school, or fun math activities. Many of these cost something (prices are very reasonable), but in the search box you can also type in “free materials” for a range of topics in a range of grades.

     One thing I found that was especially interesting is how teachers are trying to “build” on behaviors kids need in order to succeed in school, especially as years go by and the stuff gets harder and more challenging.  They say it is important for pupils to have “executive functioning skills.” 

     These so-called executive functioning skills are meant to enable students to plan and complete tasks. In the primary grades (K-3), that is very important for kids to master if they are going to learn and retain anything, or learn something even more difficult as they go along.

     We want kids to be able to plan, complete tasks, have impulse control, and be a flexible thinker then the situation demands that. And what can help is the child’s home life, such as a safe, stable family life, having social connections outside of school, and having a reliable adult in their life.


     We want our children and others’ children to succeed in life, do well in school, be able to easily talk to others. Teachers work toward this, but adults in a child’s life can have a great influence as well. Hopefully, the child or grandchild in your life can rely on you too!

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