It’s interesting that the media have mentioned the fact that we (the U. S.) and Russia, are not the “only” ones out there wanting to explore space. You have businessman Elon Musk coming up with some kind of “blowup” unit that could be transported to Mars for astronauts to live in. And the U. S. wants to send astronauts back to the moon (!) after being away since 1972. Man, that’s a long time and maybe the “man in the moon,” the face we see at night, is hungering for some company (LOL).

    It is both surprising and interesting that  countries like China and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) want to get into the outer space game. The U.A.E. just unveiled plans this week (May 29th) to send a spaceship to explore the asteroid belt, the one near Mars, I believe. Of course, this is a 13 year project. They haven’t even STARTED to build the spacecraft that is going millions and millions of miles away (and I assume it is not coming back– but I may be surprised on that, cuz we’ve sent satellites into space and they’ve not come back, including the Voyager spacecraft and those rovers that landed on Mars and trolled about and sent back information to earth).

    The U.A.E. wants to learn more about the origins of earth and no doubt, the “rest” of our spread out solar system.

    I think the 4 astronauts (one woman, one Canadian, one white and one Black American male) going up to the moon next year are very adventuresome and brave. And speaking of outer space, what exactly is considered “outer” space?

    According to NASA, either 50 miles above the earth’s mean/average sea level or 60 miles above earth is the beginning of outer space. The International Space Station (ISS) has been up 250 miles above earth for about 24 years. It is close to the size of a house with 6 bedrooms, and yet still have 90 percent of earth’s gravity.  And it flies 5 miles a second, encircling the earth once every 90 minutes — Wow!

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