This is the season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Christmas season—well, it’s kind of a great day if you can get candy, especially on Halloween) that sweetaholics love. For Halloween especially, as a kid, I looked forward to going door to door in a homemade costume and couldn’t wait to get home and dig into the candy.


I was never a big fan of one type of candy, the so-called candy corn. Those in the health arena say it’s not that healthy either. According to Amy Gorin, RDN, candy corn is the least healthy thing to eat, especially for your poor teeth. It’s the least healthy because 15 pieces have o grams of fat and are 110 calories, but corn has  more sugar than “regular” corn. Jelly beans are about pure sugar too. Not too great on the teeth. But— if you are without a gallbladder like me, these zero or low-fat candies are actually a good thing.

Some chocoholics, like me (sometimes I crave this type of unhealthy candy) need something with cocoa powder in it at Halloween, holiday time, or whenever. The site “This, not That” puts the white chocolate-covered Kit Kat at 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 27 grams of carbs, the white chocolate sweeter than the regular.  And Butterfingers, “do” stick to your teeth, I’ll admit that.

Chocolate and candy are so good, but, maybe be a little too addicting. Gorin recommends putting candy in the back of your freezer. If you hide it away, it will get forgotten and go stale. Actually, with all the sugar in candy, I’d heard it can “easily” be preserved and last several months.


Gorin recommends several candies that are healthy or healthier than your average candy bar or sweet dessert. A brand called “UnReal Milk Chocolate Gems” has natural ingredients like hibiscus and turmeric, that certainly sound healthy.  It does have sugar, and you can get small samples, at 42 ounces, for 140 calories and 7 grams of fat, at Amazon. And peanut M & M’s have protein and fiber, to help prevent blood spikes, with 90 calories for the fun size and 5 grams of fat.

If you (or spouse/friend/child) want to go low calories on candy and sweets, try Yoplait Whips. Yogurt in flavors like chocolate mousse, chocolate cherry, and chocolate raspberry, and two-thirds of a container is 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fat (I like that), and is 16 grams of carbs. Also try Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers (for 24 grams) at 100 calories, with  2.3 grams of fat and 18 carbs. And you can find “low-fat cookie/candy recipes” you can search online.

(GREAT AMER. IDEA) Go for low-calorie/low-fat sweets. Your teeth and waistline will thank you.

D. J. Mathews is the author of the informative (YA-oriented) book “Great American Women in Science and Environment.” Buy at Barnes and Nobles or see my shop.

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