In the good ol’ summertime, we look forward to growing our own gardens, especially tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and cukes, all the ingredients needed for a homegrown salad. But I was conservative this time. I only planted ONE hill for my zucchini, and I’m living to regret it.

One plant was starting to make those pretty yellow-orange blooms they say you can actually bread and pan fry. But this plant my spouse observed looked flat, like an animal had sat on it. Now, the other summer squash (zucchini) plant also looks sat on, a big leaf eaten, and the blooms kind of crushed. They were small flowers too. I can’t win! At least my tomato plants look healthy.


Aside form that frustration, summer treats we all look forward to include watermelon, popsicles, outdoor movies, swimming, picnicking, and of course, celebrating July 4th. July 4th commemorates  our break with British rule and the things that occurred after that fateful summer (the American Revolution, writing the Constitution, and a new representative government).


WHAT TO DO NEXT — Summertime is also a time for that beach paperback (or Kindle read) for leisurely reading. I recommend, for those interested in history, Mornings on Horseback, by David McCullough, on Teddy Roosevelt as a boy and beginning politician (much of the information from his journals). Or, if you’re into quirky cozy mysteries, then anything by M. C. Beaton. (Her Hamish MacBeth character is fun.) Or anything on the top ten bestseller list you can find online or at your local library. Look for these books at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Discover Books, the last especially geared toward young people. Enjoy summer!

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