As I was saying about Earth Day being every day, there is something even the average Joe or Jane can do  to help this planet. You can:

  1. Buy a glass straw and take it with you into restaurants. Unnecessary plastic use winds up in our landfills and oceans and takes several hundred years to break down.
  2. Take cloth bags to the supermarket, again to not use so much plastic.
  3. Eat less meat. Meat production involves the use of fertilizers and hormones not good for cattle OR people on this earth.
  4. See about your city’s rules on recycling and put glass, aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard at the curb or take to the nearest recycling center.
  5. Eat less fish! On Netflix, Seaspiracy pointed out that corporate fish companies are literally taking fish out of the mouths of poor coastal farmers who need the fish to live, such as on the West coast of Africa.
  6. Learn to I.D. edible plants and become a Master naturalist (like me). Get the edible plant book, Edible Wild Plants, a North American Field Guide at:

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