I have been a great fan of the TV series “The Crown”. The Crown is a streaming Netflix series that both fictionalizes and in some respects factually chronicles the life and foibles of the British royal family — Queen Elizabeth II  and her descendants.

Through this series (and a few documentaries I’ve also perused) I’ve learned that “you never know” what a person is thinking or feeling. People can appear to be happy and really aren’t. People can appear to be happy in public, for example, when in private they are struggling emotionally and mentally with the constraints of their role in the family. This has been especially true with the royal family, Prince Harry and Megan Markle most recently.


I have only read one full biography of famous actress Marilyn Monroe. You may not realize now that she appeared very happy in front of the media, and many times she was, because she craved attention and adulation, but there was darkness there too. Marilyn (born Norma Jean Baker) never knew her father (she had a picture of Lincoln in her room, pretending her dad was like that famous man); her mother was put in a mental hospital and she was pushed by her foster family into an early marriage. With this kind of background, you knew know how a person will turn out. She  was insecure, afraid she’d turn into her mother. She died alone from sleeping pills, under suspicious circumstances. We should all feel compassion for this  vulnerable person.

Megan Markle-Windsor also developed mental health issues while being a part of the royal family in Britain. She and Prince Harry “appeared” blissfully happy in public, but you never know what  happens behind closed doors.

The British press was vicious and racist, questioning her every move, in a way they did not question Prince William’s “white” British wife Kate. Meghan was an outsider, an American of mixed race. Even a royal family member wondered “how dark” the skin of her son Archie would be, as reported during the March 7th interview with CBS TV and Oprah Winfrey. In this day and age, can’t we all just grow up and be more inclusive?


In the future Harry and Meghan’s move to America could benefit both them and America. But you never know about the future, and once the pandemic is over, whether to seek out our shared history with the British Aisles.

(GREAT AMER. IDEA) I visited England years ago and would love to go back. We have a shared history and language. I even have a pen pal there. It’d be interesting. Visiting some more castles would be fascinating. Of course, I’m not a celebrity and part of the (messed-up) royal family, but I’ve had a gander at  the outsides of Buckingham Palace and the huge Windsor Castle (with it’s McDonald’s down the street). My hope is that one day in the distant future Harry and Meghan can go back to the place of his birth (perhaps by way of Ireland or Scotland).

(GREAT AMER. IDEA) We have all felt isolated during this terrible pandemic. But you can have mental health issues anywhere, and you never know when that may occur. A PSA said if you need mental health counseling of any kind, then call (1) 800-273-TALK.

Prince Harry and Megan (courtesy of NY Times)

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