As a (sometimes) published writer, and someone interested in a variety of consumer issues, I look at job sites as it relates to writing, such as,,, “Annie’s Real Ways To Earn Money Online,” and Writers Weekly, which helped me publish my recent book.

This is a hard time for a lot of people.  The viral pandemic has destroyed many jobs. If the virus can spread at your restaurant or gym, if you’re in a nonessential business like a bakery or shoe store, you’ve spent at least part of 2020 shut down and without a job. And Congress has been extremely slow (they FINALLY did something recently) to provide relief to the unemployed.

The problem is especially serious if you are 50 and over and have lost an office, factory, or restaurant job. And it’s problematic, with this pandemic STILL GOING. But besides your state “employment commission” online, the AARP wants to help.

(GREAT AMER. IDEA) On January 28 you can look at jobs at a “digital” career fair here.

You can also get help accessing jobs and training opportunities by calling 1-877-US2-JOBS. See also these online options.

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