It’s been a little over a year since we ventured out with friends to see the show THEY have been interested in for a long time: Song of the Mountains.

“Song of the Mountains” is a special series of performances of mountain-country-Appalachian rooted music at the Lincoln Theater in Marion, Virginia.  You know — Old Timey, infused with bluegrass-inspired banjo (an instrument appropriated from black slaves in America), and country folk like you’d get from the Carter Family Fold and the like. We had “been” to the Carter Store several times, and even saw June Carter Cash play there once. But this show actually was videotaped special for broadcast on the regional PBS stations in the future. Perhaps these mountain musicians are not all that unusual to some, but they are recorded for broadcast a year (a whole year!) later on the regional PBS TV stations.

And the time we went friendly host Tim White sang with the VW boys. Also had the fellow pretending to be Barney (The Mayberry Deputy) David Browning, who was silly and lightly entertaining.  And the TV people told us to clap for a full minute as loud as we could before the show even started!

The auditorium has a unique facade. There were huge murals of colonial times, and patterns around those murals that made you think you were in an Egyptian tomb.

The only distracting thing was the Macados across the street took a very LONG time with our order. We let them know we were there for the “Song of the Mountains” show in the Lincoln Theater (named for a businessman in town, NOT President Lincoln). Did that make a difference? Maybe a little.

Even in times of Covid, I think there may be socially distanced performances at the Lincoln Theater.

So, try it out sometime!


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