Everyone talks about carbon. Carbon sequestration  (a Virginia Tech and coal idea that’s yet to happen) or eliminating CO2 (think electric cars) is being discussed. Is either one REALLY going to help us with global warming/climate change? Why even care about climate change?

Our current president (Trump) thinks climate change isn’t real– oh, it’s just the current weather patterns, he feels — while evidence is piling up to show the earth is truly warming up.

In the movie “Chasing Ice” (2012), James Balog and others work to measure the ice pack in places like Greenland, where the ice has significantly receded over the last 20 years. And all those fires in California were NOT because someone forgot to rake the forest floor leaves (which are actually beneficial in the East), though Republican presidents CONSISTENTLY do all they can to help Big Business make money, and forget about environmental damage or if it hurts people and animals. They forget to help pay for rangers who can properly manage forests for them, if enough are there to do the job.

This brings me to the (Great Amer. Idea) topic of saving our soil, here and worldwide. That’s because saving the soil could tremendously reduce CO2 emissions and give us all a better future.

It was all explained in the Netflix movie, “Kiss the Ground,” narrated by actor/activist Woody Harrelson. Right now the huge corporate farms with the monoculture crops of corn, soybeans, and wheat (most of the soy and corn GMO), are subsidized by the federal government. This is part of the problem, and farmers make little money during this process. AND the glyphosate used in pesticides on GMO plants has been linked to cancer in humans, so that’s not great either. Yeah, why can’t they use ladybugs to kill other bugs instead?

In the 1930s Midwest we had the “dust bowl” because for many, many years farmers had kept tilling the soil, hurting the biome in the soil itself. Something called (Great Amer. Idea) “regenerating agriculture” is now being employed by some smart farmers. Cows actually play a part, with managed grazing instead of just being stuck in feedlots eating grain, grain not being natural for their grass-loving bodies.

Yeah, agriculture needs to change to help the future. We need to tell our legislators to support organic farming and grass-fed beef. We can also help the soil ourselves with composting and organic gardening. The soil pulls in CO2 when not broken up.

We need to do things differently if we want the next few generations to survive and help our soil (and atmosphere) thrive.

(“Farm” by Paul Van DerWerf in ME is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

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