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   The image above is from part of our travels in the last year. This was part of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (Canada!), where the spouse proposed to me a number of years ago. It was part of  my travels in New York and Tennessee in the year 2023.

   Several weeks have passed since I have written in this (and am now trying to figure the dang Divi format out again). Instructions “try” to make it seem easy, but if you want to write AGAIN in a previous column it’s not (only  in my WordPress Blog can I add pages so it can be wow, easily discombobulated (sp?)!

   Preparing for Christmas, meeting with writing friends I haven’t seen since before the pandemic, and planning to go to Memphis when we were on the other side of Chattanooga, TN and my son calls and says his wife (who works in a hospital) suddenly has COVID — man, these can be trying times! I had my other son set up some reservations at a Motel 6 he said was in a bad section of town (which was weird because it was only a few miles away — yeah, there were some homeless folk and maybe a guy living in his car and filling it full of vaping/pot smoke). But the Indian staff was very nice, so I couldn’t complain. And their “contracts” with some  cable companies expired.  I used the computer I’d brought along, where I have accounts with Peacock and Tubi. Anyone ever use those?                                      We  stayed at a very attractive airbnb in Chattanooga and saw a tiny bit of that city on our way back, including the Tennessee Aquarium. (You can find some pictures of THAT visit — great place for the family or nature lovers– at ).  “Let’s Run Our Schools Together,” a small, handy guide for any parent, teacher, school board member, has an excerpt at the “Writer news/ideas” page.   And There is STILL AN EXCERPT OF MY EVEN NEWEST EFFORT, “NATURE VS. TECHNOLOGY — WHO’S WINNING” ON THE “Writer News/Ideas” tab and please check it out. We need to get a handle on technology and climate, but this part is fun, about outer space!  

(GREAT AMERICAN IDEA)– This is the time of year where  it is REALLY important to avoid the flu and nasty head colds. I have managed that so far. According to sources at “,” it is important to avoid crowds (or wear a KN95 mask if you do), get 7-9 hours sleep, avoid sugary, fatty foods, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Echinacea is also helpful, along with getting a yearly flu and COVID shot. Yes, folks, COVID has not been cured. It is STILL out there!

An interesting note as this is Black History Month– George Washington Carver came up with over 300 uses for peanuts, including cold cream! And he was given grant money by one of the women in my “Great American Women” book, Madam C. J. Walker. How about that!                      LET’S  RUN OUR SCHOOLS TOGETHER the book IS AVAILABLE NOW!      



 See my excerpt on “space” on the Writer News/Ideas page!

Author DJ Mathews

D. J. Mathews is an author of 3 books and working on a 4th. She is also a freelance writer, blogger, product reviewer, and proud mother. She taught English and writing for several years at Radford University. She is a  Master Naturalist. See her humorous rants at or buy her a digital coffee for her writing at

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