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  Over 20 years ago I found schools, administrators, teachers, parents, students — they could ALL DO BETTER!

This new and improved  2024 edition of  “Let’s Run Our Schools Together” is here for parents, grandparents, community members! Make schools great!   Buy at


Also Here —  EBOOK: Science V. Technology Excerpt

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Ya know— sometimes just trying to “give away” an item can be frustrating!

Like recently. For over a week (or two)  I have TRIED to list a book giveaway on But after I submit information it says it NEEDS a book image, but there is no freaking place to put this stupid image on the page, no upload area. It is just dumb.

So NOW, I am saying, you look at my recently published, slim blue book above, “Let’s Run Our Schools Together.” There is an excerpt on the “Writer News/Ideas”  page/tab, and you think, why “can’t schools be run better? Why can’t principals be more responsive? How “can” I prepare a child/grandchild to be successful in school (with a chapter to help older students too)? I’ve done the homework for you, you U. S. school parents/ grandparents/ teachers. The rest is up to you!



   I need to add that I don’t have a spare $300 or whatever it takes to fix the images of my “Let’s Run OUR Schools Together” book so that it takes you (on  THIS PAGE) to a direct link to the book. The direct link is at the top of this page, if you are interested:

     I’d like to add that it’s springtime (March-April-May-early June). At time to get outside, be optimistic, exercise, continue trying to follow your New Year’s resolution(s) to REALLY lose weight (my continuing, awful issue, it seems).

     Coming up is a blog about pines (did you know they are edible). It is also time for the bunnies to come up in time for Easter (so maybe they will enjoy my plastic EGG tree).


 See my excerpt on “space” on the Writer News/Ideas page!

Author DJ Mathews

D. J. Mathews is an author of 3 books and working on a 4th. She is also a freelance writer, blogger, product reviewer, and proud mother. She taught English and writing for several years at Radford University. She is a  Master Naturalist. See her humorous rants at or buy her a digital coffee for her writing at

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Extensively, I will provide ideas and examples on managing money better, paying for an education, dealing with doctors, and good ideas or deals when it comes to travel. I will also consider science, as it relates to my book “Great American Women in Science and Environment.” Science and the future can be both a good or bad thing, depending on your consumer choices and outlook. And writers can always use tips on how and where to make money. I will do regular blogs on these issues, seeking always to inform in an entertaining manner.

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